This year has marked a transformative era for Orveda!
Discover the main highlights and the biggest news of 2023.



Orveda’s most powerful treatment: The Omnipotent Concentrate™

A world’s first, the ground-breaking formulation of the The Omnipotent Concentrate™ repairs PAST skin damage, reviving the skin’s PRESENT radiance and preventing skin from FUTURE aging.

Formulated with 16 potent actives, including 10 that are biotech-derived, at an exclusive Orveda concentration of 24%, making this the most powerful serum Orveda scientists have ever created. Able to act on all skin components and skin types it extends skin’s healthy youthful look.

The results on this new serum’s clinically proven, consumer validated studies, are beyond impressive.


Along with the introduction of The Omnipotent Concentrate™, came the opportunity to upgrade the range.

Orveda took the chance to reflect, review and revise formulations with new ingredients, modifying the sensoriality, efficacity and packaging sometimes even with new features and names.

For instance, The Healing Sap™, the much-loved essence-toner becomes The Vital Sap™.

Same multiple award-winning formula, different name – to better express the key feature of this product which is to jumpstart the skin’s own vitality and proven with new clinical results: skin fatigue (-45%*), glow (+30%*), hydration (+80%*).

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Celebrating a triumphant 2023 finale with 9 prestigious awards from all around the world. A testament to our commitment to innovation and creativity.
Here's to a year of excellence!

  • Marie Claire Top 100 in China 
  • Elle Future of Beauty in the US 
  • Harper's Bazaar Beauty Icon in the USA for our innovation The Omnipotent Concentate
  • GQ Grooming award for the Overnight Reviving Mask 

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a hub for skincare excellence

Enhance your results with Orveda professional dedicated Concierge Service.

Wether you are interested about the ingredients, biotechnology behind Orveda's formulas, application tips or specific skin concerns, our Concierge team will respond to all your questions, offer private consultations recommending personalized treatments for your skin's healthy glow & youth extension.

Orveda developed a dedicated concierge services, with a multilingual support & personalized consultations.

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Shanghai, Paris, New York, Cannes, London...

From the Met Gala in New York to the prestigious film festival in Cannes until its opening in Paris in the Hotel Pourtalès, Le Studio Orveda was the place to be to experience a private hour facial treatment.

Orveda is now delighted to announce the opening of its first own door across the world, in Shanghai. Their new intimate, disruptive, avant-garde, and holistically minded addresses will transcend the spa experience, combining art and beauty to deliver the most wonderful journeys within. In their new flagships, Orveda is committed to combine luxury, technology, and nature to awaken skin’s natural beauty and extend skin’s youth.

A fusion of French luxury and traditional Chinese architecture to invite you to a tranquil haven.

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Orveda Events

Orveda x Fashion Week Backstage

As models prepare to grace the runway at Chloé, Hugo Boss, Courrèges, Giambattista Valli, Jonathan Cohen, Tove, Coperni Alejandra Alonso Rojas and Teresa Helbig. Our patented  biotechnology blends help to restore and soothe skin that is over-processed or affected by stress, due to its high concentration of actives that are good for all skin physiologies.

Orveda x The Azzedine Alaïa Fondation

Driven by our desire to support Art and Creativity, we are committed to a visionary and positive spirit. We will offer two prizes each year, affording two young, under-represented fashion designers, a new space to explore and share their perceptions of Beauty with the world. 2023’s first winner is Luke Radloff.

Orveda x PAD (Paris Art Design)

Celebrating the fusion of Art and Beauty, the PAD has evolved into an unmissable gathering for international collectors and admirers of both Historical and Contemporary Design. Orveda participated in this event in Paris last April and in London last October. Here, elegance competes with audacity, and eclecticism blends seamlessly with authenticity...

Orveda x 25th World Congress of Dermatology

Recall our presence at the 25th World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore 2023, where Orveda united with skin experts from around the globe, sharing our mission to work with the skin, not against it.

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