La Maison Orveda opens in Shanghai

The French Green Bio-tech brand Orveda is delighted to announce the opening of its first own door across the world, in Shanghai. Their new intimate, disruptive, avant-garde, and holistically minded addresses will transcend the spa experience, combining art and beauty to deliver the most wonderful journeys within. In their new flagships, Orveda is committed to combine luxury, technology, and nature to awaken skin’s natural beauty and extend skin’s youth.

La Maison Orveda opens in Shanghai


Nicolas Vu, CEO & Co-founder of Orveda said: “Science and technology are at the basis of everything we do at Orveda but we are also driven by the power of human intuition, creativity, and artistic expression. La Maison Orveda is the embodiment of our unique perception of Luxury, Beauty, and Art at the service of our science and our consumers. Faced with a fast-changing Chinese market of limitless potential, Orveda thanks to its products, biotechnology, and achievements is dedicated to providing Chinese consumers with a more specialized, exclusive skincare experience. In La Maison Orveda in Shanghai, facial treatments, expert’s gestures and personalized retail will encounter the French Art of Living. »

Bamboo in the limelight

Besides being a symbol of virtue, bamboo was believed to be endowed with soul and emotion. In the garden there is a waterfall, to create a natural environment for our special guests to relax and experience a timeless fusion of calm and grace. The Land of Light & Shadow is placed on the first floor underground where you can also discover our VIP SPA, the Land of Bamboo Garden. Then on the second floor, you can discover our Land of Bamboo Shadow, surounded by some misty bamboos in a white room.



A treatment to re-plump, lift, nourish reshape the contours. An intensive & comprehensive luxurious treatment that visible replump and lift the skin by acting on all signs of aging.


An essential recovery for compromised skin. A must before/ or after long-haul flight, to recover from jet lag or a short night or simply to heal the skin after aggressive aesthetic procedures.

OMNI SOLUTION - 1 hour 30

An all-complex facial that acts on all skin types. A combination of powerful and energetic techniques that gives spectacular radiance, lifting and toning effects with relaxation and overall well-being by working on the skin's past, present and future needs.