From Paris to New York to London to Milan to Barcelona.


When Fashion meets Skincare

Fashion Week unfolds as a perfect union of style and skincare, where Orveda plays a pivotal role. As models prepare to grace the runway at Chloé, Hugo Boss, Courrèges, Giambattista Valli, Jonathan Cohen, Tove, Coperni Alejandra Alonso Rojas and Teresa Helbig, Orveda's holistic approach to skincare takes center stage. A powerful fusion, where beauty meets innovation, enhancing skin resilience and preserving its youthful vibrance.

The Secret to Runway-Ready Skin

Did you know that the world of fashion holds a fascinating secret when it comes to achieving runway-ready skin?


The iconic Orveda’s facial protocol quickly became a backstage essential for models during fashion week, providing a soft and effortless pre-makeup solution that left their skin refreshed and radiant. Its comprehensive regimen helps counter the effects of external stressors, such as multiple makeup applications and the frenetic pace of fashion weeks. This treatment not only kept models looking and feeling their best throughout the demanding fashion month but also continued to enhance their natural beauty even after the shows were over.

A unique Signature Glow Treatment

This exclusive treatment consists of 5 essential products: Respure™ Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water, The Vital Sap™, Eye Contour Botanical Gel, The Omnipotent Concentrate™ and The Bio-Tech Emulsion™. The application technique involves gentle smoothing motions, targeted drainage pressure points, and the innovative use of a Zamak tool to decongest the eye contour area. The primary goals of this treatment are to enhance the skin's natural glow, provide rapid hydration and smoothness, and prepare the skin for flawless makeup application, ensuring models radiate beauty on the runway.