Article 6 DELIVERY

6.1. Products purchased on the Website can be delivered in all countries listed on the Website.

6.2. Products are shipped to the address of delivery provided by the Customer during the ordering process. The shipping options available and the indicative delivery times are provided to the Customer during the ordering process.

6.3. Products will be delivered within 30 days maximum counting from the day following the placement of the order by the Customer, provided payment has been made in full.

6.4. The delivery of the Products shall be deemed to have occurred as soon as the Products are made available to the Customer by the transporter, based on the information issued from the transporter control system.

6.5. It is incumbent to the Client to check immediately on receipt of the Products that those Products have been delivered in the expected condition. Should it not be the case, the Customer must indicate on the delivery slip the reservations on any discrepancies (open package, product damage, etc.). The Customer should immediately inform COTY by email (address indicated in Clause 7.2). In the absence of reservations by the Customer, the Products are deemed to be in conformity and have been delivered in good conditions.

6.6. In the event of non-compliance with the stated delivery date, the Customer can cancel the Order after a formal notice giving COTY a reasonable additional time to execute the Order. In case of cancelation of the order, COTY will reimburse the full payment made by the Customer within 14 days.